Plates coated with Chocky Bar

We have a portfolio containing custom geometry

With a low operating cost, the CHOCKY BAR has excellent weldability and was developed for use in various industrial segments, the bars are produced from a high special alloy with high resistance to abrasion and impact, with a hardness of 700 HB (63HRc).

High Alumina Ceramic Coated Tubes

We have a technical project engineering team

We manufacture flat and curved tubes in rubber or 1020/INOX steel, in any diameter. Our project has spacing between 1/2mm between inserts, with 95%~98% al2o3.

Bucket for Ore Recovery

We have a technical project engineering team

Project details:
- Edge coating with Chocky Bare and Tungsten
- Internal/External coating with Teckno Ultra X (Cr 24, C 4.5, Nb 5.5, Mo 5.5, V 1.0, W 3.0)
- High chromium cast iron teeth coated with Teckno Ultra X

Large bucket

Custom engineering projects

Design for severe application, with high resistance to impact and abrasion, DLP boards have a coating mass between 22 to 80mm of coating with a homogeneous hardness of 700~740hb.

Complex carbide coated tubes

Made to aid pipe design or replacement

Complex Chrome Carbide Wear Tube provides excellent resistance to service abrasion, erosion and impact in many practical applications. It is designed to virtually extend service life where material flow causes wear and tear during the conveying system.

Block contingency grid

Contain blocks and parts of parts protecting your equipment

We develop grids coated with Chocky Bar, apply bars with 38mm of coating with a homogeneous hardness of 700HB. Grids are generally made of carbon steel with a low service life.

Vibrating sieving grid

No more clogging of your equipment

We develop projects using the Chocky Bar alloy, with a thicker coating, providing greater equipment availability and employee safety. Currently the grills are coated with Chocky Bar, this concept has been showing an overlife in the equipment.